Interactions with other civilizations

Throughout the history it has exist various interactions between different countries on earth. This has resulted in unique relationships. But how and why have these contacts progressed and changed through times? What has been the secret key to create and promote improved interactions between lands? In this text I am going to draw parallels to Civilization 4, while I explain processes and interactions among countries in the actual world.

After playing civilization a few times I discovered that you often encountered another nation. Furthermore I noticed that the same factors who plays an important role to ensure an honest and conscientious interaction with other leaders in the game, also plays an essential role in real life.

The Nordic cooperation is an example of positive and develops relationships with other countries in the realistic world. This relation hasn’t always been peaceful. The Scandinavian and northern countries in the world, has a long tradition of battles and dissatisfaction against each other. For a long time the countries was involved in bloody and grotesque conflicts, so why did they suddenly agree to start cooperate?

The main reason they stopped fighting was because they understood the values of cooperation. They discovered that teamwork provide solutions in a wider scope. Now they could work together to achieve the same goals and establish new ideas, as well as increase the Nordic marked and competencies.Today the countries cooperate even more. Globalization forces the different parts of the world to work together and face the same problems. With the worldwide population we need to reserve natural recourses, find solution to global warming and work together to eradicate epidemics. Therefore lands in the northern part of the world are really pleasured to have developed a friendly and regional relationship to their neighbours.

However, in Civilization 4 it is more necessary and clever to cooperate to avoid wars. You can also make agreement about trade with other civilisations. Both those points are important in real life, but the most vital thing to cooperate about in the actual world are challenges as a result from population of growth. Tasks like this does not exist in Civilisation 4. On one hand this is because the game wants us to create our own challenges, on the other side they exclude globalization because they don’t have enough information about it. Teamwork is important anyway, but does it have to exist other factors to make the countries cooperate?

There are many other factors that determine if the countries either have a friendly or hostile cooperation. Many of the countries in the northern parts of the world have common values and norms. A democratic leader rules the country, and the society is built on justice. Historically, the geographic location also makes it more possible for the countries to have the same culture and religion. Most of the northern nations have a Christian background, and the cultures are originated from one another. A common society contributes to a community where the people can work together on important decisions and therefore avoid conflicts.

In Civilization 4 there is a connection between these factors. If you have the same interest, you can safeguard peace with your opponent, like the Nordic countries. On the other hand if a civilization has different importance and believes, it can lead to conflicts of interest and values.

Today a topic of current is the tense relationship between Palestine and Israel. Many people would say that this started as an interest conflict. After Second World War Jews were granted their own country in the middle of Palestine. In the beginning it was only a conflict, where both part had their own opinion of who deserved the land. After a while it developed from peace to war, and it resulted in an intense value conflict. Today there are military involved, and the Muslims and Jews have opposite views of what’s legitimately and morally right.

To sum it all up, you can see that the game is really similar to the actual world. It demonstrates the same concepts, but the different is the fact that you create your own interactions with civilisations in the game. In reality interactions are already established. Through times some relationships have led to cooperation, and others have brought violence and disagreement to the world. I believe that in order to improve interactions with different countries they need to communicate with respect and tolerance, and not dishonesty and animosity.


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